crack cocaine

Police say the boy told a teacher's aide that the person who handed him the bag told him to hide it.
The reality TV star is making a habit of leveraging her celebrity for criminal justice reform.
A black high schooler was sentenced to 10 years in prison over the incident that has recirculated after the president's death.
The preschool owner thinks someone threw the drugs over the fence into the school's yard in the Bronx.
The press stirred up hysteria about black “junkies” and cheered draconian police responses to crack cocaine.
M-J Milloy, University of British Columbia and M. Eugenia Socias, University of British Columbia North America is in the
He had some not nice things to say about Justin Trudeau.
Jason Hernandez never thought he would see the outside world again.
Who is worthy of redemption? Do criminals deserve a second chance? What about murderers?