Mohamed al-Ghiety was found guilty of encouraging immorality amid Egypt's crackdown on perceived homosexuality.
Chechen authorities have long denied global accusations of an anti-LGBTQ crackdown.
The alleged persecutions are a throwback to an earlier crackdown, activists said Friday.
The rules ban religious groups from seeking converts, distributing texts, or livestreaming sermons online.
The change comes even as a crackdown on women's rights activists has been sweeping the ultraconservative kingdom.
[A religious group recently held a rally at Chaoyang District, Beijing. Police were dispatched to check whether they are
A surge in the use of social media to energize activists unhappy with government policy has alarmed authorities in the former Soviet Union the past few years.
Nasir and his brother Mark are break dancers and have joined older dance crews on the New York subway trains. Although Nasir is only 5 years old he has already developed an antagonism towards the police, who often arrest members of his dance crew for dancing on trains and in the streets.
Ferguson and the Middle East do have one striking commonality, but it has less to do with armored vehicles in the streets than with the way in which the media assigns culpability to black and brown bodies for the violence perpetrated against them.