Now that I have achieved a score of 700+ on Dots, I feel compelled to share some pro tips so everyone can get better at Dots.
Severe weather hit the Oklahoma City area again on Friday night. This time there were multiple tornadoes that touched down
Take a look at the announcement and reactions in the Storify below. [View the story "Twitter List News Has Social Media Editors
Buthman described his thoughts as he tweeted the question. "I was afraid it would get by her because the chat is so fast
In this Storify, see exactly how the news broke on Twitter, and how Reuters and Circa employees reacted, as well as others.
While it's true social networks often start with relatively few ads, it's a given that'll change in time. Now Yahoo has acquired Tumblr, and more ads are on the way. Needless to say, not everyone is happy about this.
These are the Millennials. They grew up with computers, instant messaging on AIM, using Facebook in school, they're not afraid to communicate in GIFs or acronyms, and they're poised to do great things in the future. That's why they're worth watching. And that's why I thought I'd put together a list of them.
You can start a limited account -- without an invite or immediately paying for a subscription -- by downloading its
Facebook has lost 10 million users in the US and seen no growth in monthly visitors in the UK over the past year, according
( h/t Poynter) So what's the happiest day of the year? Every year, without fail, it's Christmas Day, Dec. 25, when words
There's no question that this new feature improves Google search with compelling, timely information from the crowd, while also providing another boost for Google+ in terms of visibility and usefulness. Sounds like a win-win for Google and a win for users too.
Finally. Now you can read the Huffington Post Twitter feed without clicking the links. Introducing: @HuffPoSpoilers. We don't
Two-step authentication: I'll admit it can sometimes be annoying from the user perspective. But the peace of mind of the added security outweighs that. It's time for Twitter to implement it.
Not everyone believes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a terrorist. Despite seemingly overwhelming evidence pointing toward his involvement in the Boston Marathon attack a week ago, there is a group of people who know Tsarnaev who are remaining loyal to the 19-year-old.
Over the course of the past week, we witnessed the power of real-time news reporting with a major story. Here's a look back at 50 tweets, including 15 pictures, and five YouTube videos (one for each day) that tell the story of the Boston Marathon bombing, from beginning to end.
UPDATE: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was captured on Friday in Watertown, Mass. Read more about his apprehension here. David Green
We've all been there. You start typing something on social media, you're about to post it, then you think better of it. Or at least many of us have been there, according to a new study.
The concept behind Swoon is so simple. You connect your Facebook account -- no questionnaires to fill out, nothing -- and you're flipping through a bunch of Facebook profile photos with first names, ages, mutual friends and mutual interests listed.
Facebook is number one, but its popularity is shrinking, according to a new study on teenagers' use of social media. This is more evidence of a "teenager problem" that Facebook seems to be battling.
The first time I saw the HTC First, a Facebook employee gave a demonstration of it. Yeah, seems cool. Alright. I get it. But I want to see my friends on it... Now I have one to test myself. And as expected, what a difference that makes. Let me show you how it works.