Now that I have achieved a score of 700+ on Dots, I feel compelled to share some pro tips so everyone can get better at Dots.
Severe weather hit the Oklahoma City area again on Friday night. This time there were multiple tornadoes that touched down
After a BuzzFeed post trumpeted the headline "The Social Media Editor Is Dead" on Wednesday, Twitter unveiled news about
"I was afraid it would get by her because the chat is so fast on #custserv," he told HuffPost. "I had friends to retweet
In this Storify, see exactly how the news broke on Twitter, and how Reuters and Circa employees reacted, as well as others.
While it's true social networks often start with relatively few ads, it's a given that'll change in time. Now Yahoo has acquired Tumblr, and more ads are on the way. Needless to say, not everyone is happy about this.
These are the Millennials. They grew up with computers, instant messaging on AIM, using Facebook in school, they're not afraid to communicate in GIFs or acronyms, and they're poised to do great things in the future. That's why they're worth watching. And that's why I thought I'd put together a list of them.
In February, became a "freemium" service: you could be on it for free but only if you get an invite from a paid user
The misleading reports led to all sorts of speculative posts based on the data, like "The Possibility of Peak Facebook," which
Take a look at some of the most tweeted words on April 15, according to the analysis: On April 15, the tweets leveled off