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Proven, science-based protocols worked for me, and it has worked for hundreds of my colleagues who have returned from this and past Ebola outbreaks without infecting anyone.
As we begin a new year, we often discard the less important memories of the preceding year, but some events should never be forgotten. Remember Ebola?
Hayes is not alone on the topic of Ebola fear-mongering. Since the news of the disease first began to ripple through America
In what he said will be his only public statement, Spencer thanked Bellevue staff members for their "tremendous care and
DON'T: Attack Africans with Ebola-related slurs. C'mon, guys.
"That's good advice," responded Oliver. "That is solid advice. Don't eat mystery mucus in the street until this Ebola panic
This week, Ebola arrived in New York City -- America's most crowded and most media-saturated metropolis. So, as word spread on Thursday, so did the hysteria. But thankfully, Ebola (or "Ebowla," as some christened it in honor of the infected doctor's sporting foray the night before his symptoms appeared) remains much harder to spread than rumor and misinformation. As threats go, Americans have a greater chance of dying from a bee sting than catching Ebola. Meanwhile, Canadians are dealing with this week's deadly shooting in Ottawa. The media response there stood in stark contrast to ours. Any changes, The Globe and Mail wrote, should not be "as a panicky reaction to a very small number of men" who "are not an existential threat." We could learn much from our northern neighbors. As we heed NY Mayor de Blasio's warning to stay calm, we should also remember Montaigne, who said, "There were many terrible things in my life, but most of them never happened."
Spencer had been treating patients for the disease with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea and was admitted to Bellevue Hospital
Nevertheless, many members of Congress declared that the government's response to Ebola has been a failure. "I don't think
“They spray them down with a combination of bleach and water," Miranda told the Daily News. "They cut the suits from behind
Dr. Jonathan Epstein joins HuffPost Live to reveal why New Yorkers should be more concerned about the flu than ebola.
Field assignments are extremely challenging and people need to regain energy. In addition, people who return to work too
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The Gutter bowling alley voluntarily closes, writing on its Facebook page, "We are working with the NYC Health Department
Robert Garry and Alice Park join HuffPost Live to explain why they aren't conerned about an ebola outbreak in New York City.
Here's the full statement from Uber: We reviewed our records and were able to confirm that one of our driver partners in
Three people Spencer had contact with since returning to the U.S. were to be quarantined and monitored. None were yet showing
Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the press conference that officials had originally identified four individuals Spencer had contact