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Proven, science-based protocols worked for me, and it has worked for hundreds of my colleagues who have returned from this and past Ebola outbreaks without infecting anyone.
"Well done everyone, take a bow," Hayes said after the clip, clapping mockingly. "I am so glad all of us, everyone, collectively
He received experimental treatments, including antiviral therapy and a plasma transfusion from health worker Nancy Writebol
Spencer was hospitalized in serious condition but gradually improved over time. He received antiviral therapy as well as
The New York City doctor who tested positive for Ebola has entered the next phase of his illness, according to the New York
WASHINGTON -- Members of Congress took the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to task at a hearing on Ebola Friday
Fully covered, specially trained EMS crew members brought Spencer from his apartment to an ambulance, and when the ride was
Indeed, a lack of awareness about Ebola and the way it's transmitted appears to be the driving force behind individuals' nervousness
Tuesday, October 14 He leaves Guinea and travels through Brussels, Belgium. Friday, October 17 Spencer arrives at JFK International
Robert Garry and Alice Park join HuffPost Live to explain why they aren't conerned about an ebola outbreak in New York City.
CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that Spencer jogged on Tuesday, but he in fact jogged on Wednesday