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Australian tech entrepreneur Craig Wright says he's the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
When asked about why do this show Oprah said, "All my work is all about the same thing. Its about showing people new ways
An undercover NYPD officer was arrested Tuesday on charges related to the group assault of a SUV driver in Manhattan, CBS
Thanks to stellar acting from his small cast portraying complex characters, Grace is saved. Paul Rudd may lead the way, but his character Steve is actually the least complex of them all.
The play Grace takes stylistic liberties, showing the end at the beginning, and playing scenes in reverse, almost cinematically, so that the actor Paul Rudd walks backwards trying desperately to return to pre-cataclysmic grace.
In Craig Wright's newest offering, Grace, four characters use the stage as a place where the rules of physics and nature of belief collide. After all, there but for the Grace of God go I.
Cross posted at Gossip Central. Olga (Jessica Hecht), Masha (Maggie Gyllenhaal), and Irina (Juliet Rylance), the sisters