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Beware everyone. There are truly evil people out there waiting to harm others for merchandise. In many cases, there is little value for human life in the pursuit of money or things. Keep this knowledge with you as you post on sites like Craigslist. So stay safe.
But it comes with conditions. That involve not just nudity, but some touching. The exact amount of which is negotiable, according
I just recently returned from a 9 month deployment. And upon arrival back into the area I found out my yellow labrador retriever
A series of perishable personal ads you probably won't find on Craig's List.
This month, a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research reveals that less than 15 percent of all eBay listings are auction-only.
[h/t Bloomberg Businessweek] Auction site eBay isn't really much of an auction site anymore. This month, a study from the
My dawg Dylan says we'll be able to smoke weed in public like anywhere, because they're gonna fire all the cops in town. Think about it, dude. No cops! No firemen either, so my posse can build a smokin' bonfire at the lake.
Craigslist's furniture category has really just become an overpriced graveyard for Ikea furniture, where everything is "vintage." If you even think about selling, I'd like a word with you.
'See, most people assume I run craigslist, but I don't. It's run by a small group of very smart people who have stayed loyal to the idea that it should be simple, fast, mostly free, and "bottom-up" oriented."
If you're single and ready to mingle, it's important to know where you can meet other people who are similarly single and
Once again, The Daily What has uncovered something wonderful from the oddball hope chest that is Craigslist. As New Yorkers
Following divorce, former husbands and wives go through a variety of steps to ensure their split is as clean as possible
Last year we profiled 19 of the funniest Craigslist ads. Luckily for us, Craigslist continued to be littered with unorthodox
I liked our new home. Granted, we didn't own it, we were renting it. But for now it was our home. It was a small ranch; less
In what other city in the world would people starve themselves to have the perfect pancake or bagel?
I read in a magazine someplace that you were interested in saving the New York Times. I think it's a terrific idea. I have one other idea for you.
I'm sure "serial killer" wasn't included in his Facebook profile. Sadly, even if it was, she might have chosen to overlook it thinking she could change him.
Here at Living we harbor a little obsession for the "Missed Connections" section of Craig's List. We like them because sometimes
Trying to blog a little in real time at Colbert Nation.