No child (or human for that matter) asks for the hard stuff. But everyone goes through it.
“Unfortunately, this is not normal. He will need surgery.”
When all is said and done, all I can do what is try to get the word out, to facilitate even the smallest of change with the hope that even a small drop in the ocean of awareness will be enough to make a difference for someone else. I leave that hope in your hands.
One month post Craniosynostosis surgery, my husband and I have plowed through Broxon's recovery with our heads down, hands together, and hearts full. Our baby boy has exceeded all expectations, and shown us what pure joy feels like. Pure joy on top of sleep deprivation, worry, and an underlying sadness... but still, the joy is at the top.
Let it go. Your child was born with an abnormality, despite you doing everything right. You planned, you controlled, and still. Your beautiful baby is beautiful, but not perfect. Not like you pictured.
In less than a week, my baby boy will have his head cut open from ear to ear. And I am terrified.