The new year is a popular time to curb post-holiday temptations -- and often it's our self-control that lets us down. These five tips will help you sit through cravings, whether it's reaching for an extra helping or the office cookie jar.
Are we doing our kids justice when we do things for them that we could actually teach them how to do instead? I'm not sure who to give credit to because so many have said this and it feels so true.
Even though some expert gave you "permission" to eat a limited amount of a favorite food like chocolate, these subtle messages feed unconscious feelings of judgment and deprivation that may lead to paradoxical overeating.
Nancy explores how fear in your everyday life affects your success and personal relationships. Healthy living experts join HuffPost Live to discuss how we can identify the fears that hold us back and how we can conquer them.
Karen Chang joins HuffPost Live to discuss how even at age 26, she is petrified to get behind the wheel of a car.
Her hankering for the peculiar meal began with one innocuous glance into a parrot cage. “I kept getting this weird taste
The best way to ensure you are eating the highest quality, most nutritious food possible is to prepare your own food in your own kitchen. We are all chefs. You don't have to be trained at Le Cordon Bleu to know your way around a kitchen.
I probably don't have to tell you that confessing to the dermatologist what had happened was rather embarrassing. She looked at me completely perplexed and said (point blank), "You can't lick knives." This is when I earnestly reminded her, "You don't understand. There was still peanut butter on it."
Self awareness, and in particular, paying attention to what and why you eat, is key to conquering any weight or food addiction issues.
So, if fear helps motivate us, what's wrong with injecting a bit of fear into our lives, so that we improve them? First, we can examine how well fear works as a motivator, and then see how it trips us up.
Eating at McDonald's in a foreign country does not make you a despicable traveler. There, I said it. Hate me now.
Our optimal psychology is one where we're fully engaged in life -- effortless, joyful, and as a result extremely productive. And as our neuroscience advances, we can build tools to help all of us move into this optimal state more and more.
A 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat with Noble Silence, 4 a.m. starts and 10 hours of meditation daily was never going to be easy, but combining it with communal living and random explosions probably made it even harder.
This research adds to a growing body of knowledge showing more clearly than ever that quitting smoking makes life better. Quitting is not only the best way to protect your body and your health, but also brings measurable benefits in terms of emotional well-being.
When we crave sex, we are often seeking an easy access solution to relieve the craving and to discharge the tensions we keep in ourselves. Yet, this discharge is illusory.
I can't be alone in my yearning, can I? There have to be others who crave a sweet, old Paw Paw, too, and are wondering how to land one, for themselves or for their kids.
Comparing the brains of obese vs. lean individuals gets interesting results.
Not only do bulimics get the dopamine high, they also avoid the inevitable weight gain their high calorie binges would produce if they didn't purge.