Certain genetic markers can influence your preferences for sweet vs. salty, but you can’t blame them entirely for poor eating habits.
When a pregnant woman's hormones shift, dopamine levels can drop. Here's what happens next.
It's not all about hormones! Cravings are a sign of nutritional deficiencies, too.
Sharon Moalem, MD, PhD, has a genius strategy to help you leave those cupcakes on the kitchen counter.
Cravings aren't something to be feared or to get rid of. I could make the argument that you should actually look forward to your food cravings since they are insider information from your body and subconscious mind about what's going on under the surface in your life.
Our addiction to the coffee cup and vending machine only numb the pain from the real solution we are craving.
They say finding a new home is one of life's top stressors. They're right.
Late night snacking just got a makeover and guess what?! It's delightful! Check out my list of recipes that makes snacking
I hurriedly stuff caramels into my mouth. The same caramels I bought weeks ago. The same caramels that never before had posed a threat to my 'no binge' resolve -- because, hey, they just weren't 'my thing.'
What and where you put things both inside and outside the refrigerator can have a huge affect on your eating habits.
Once you master the following techniques, you'll notice that when you are actually physically hungry, your cravings will lean toward healthy foods more often than they will junk foods!
1. Eat a little before you go out 2. Focus on protein when you are building your plate 3. Eat slowly (or slower than normal
These words strip away your choice and your power. You're an adult, so unless you have a serious food allergy, so you can have anything you want. You are simply making a choice.