Crayon Collection is helping both the environment and schools by collecting and repurposing crayons in order to promote sustainability, cut down on wastefulness and give back to schools.
We all know that coloring is fun, but it is also therapeutic and beneficial to our mental wellbeing.
Coloring books for adults are big news, with over 10,000 listings on featuring mandalas, paisley, flowers and forests.
Who said coloring books are just for kids?
"Flesh" or "Peach"? Courtesy Ed Welter. In essence, Crayola became such a hit because the company figured out a way to inexpensively
With the summer season fast approaching, families nationwide are planning vacations and road trips galore. Traveling with kids is a challenge, especially if you have toddlers in tow. There is nothing worse than listening to the endless "are we there yet?" droning, but you can be armed and ready with awesome toys to keep kids busy in the car.
Some people looked at the dress and saw white and gold. Some people looked at the dress and saw blue and black. I looked at the dress and saw 1980s pro wrestling legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Scientists say it has something to do with the reflection of the light.
The only thing better than creating something special is the mess you get to make while doing it. Don't worry about the clean-up, just get lost in the fun!
With the holidays approaching at Warp speed, it's time to start compiling your shopping lists. Before grabbing any old thing off the shelf at Target that's in the appropriate age range, it's important to think about the individual personality of each child on your list.
When they are little, kids just want to be with us, hold our hands, cuddle, and play. They do grow up fast though, and before you know it, they are turning 6 (give or take a few years), and suddenly they need to express themselves and show their independent style.
From Earth911's Maria Carter: Winter marks the halfway point in the school year — the perfect time to de-clutter cubbies