"My toddler was eating a crayon so she got her daily serving of greens today, blues too."
The Crayon Collection is enhancing art programs in schools by recycling crayons left behind at restaurants and distributing them to public elementary and preschools.
Crayon Collection is helping both the environment and schools by collecting and repurposing crayons in order to promote sustainability, cut down on wastefulness and give back to schools.
Who said coloring books are just for kids?
As school bells across America start to ring, it's time to gear up! Amidst the number two pencils, glue sticks and standard notebooks on everyone's lists, there are numerous ways to stand out and define your style with back-to-school supplies.
In the last month alone, asbestos contamination has plagued a veterans' medical center in Denver, construction workers rehabbing a school in southern Illinois as well as an elementary school in the state, and potentially, a popular river and drinking water source in Colorado.
No one, not even Crayola, had recorded a full history of crayons. So it became Welter's challenge. What Welter had discovered
I wish that parenting them now was as simple as that brand-new 64-count box of crayons was. That I could once again offer them something that was full of possibilities and open to whatever their heart -- and little fingers -- could create.