crazy ex girlfriend

The "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" star said, "I just really wanted to share my happiness with the world."
Season 2 — available for bingeing on Netflix Saturday — is the rare TV narrative that doesn't position relationships as a cure-all.
For now, fictional and real-life options for women align.
For Rebecca, perfectionism is a blessing and a curse. It has allowed her to climb to the top of her field, but it left her so miserable that in the show's pilot, she fled New York City to pursue her summer-camp ex-boyfriend in West Covina, California.
"The stage was set, the Paula lights were glowing and Donna Lynne was dancing for her life," Ruiz, who was promoted to series
Michael really breaks down the emotional toll she's gone through most of her life which totally explains how she can play such diverse roles. She has a lot to work with. And we will keep watching her in everything she does because of this!