crazy fashion

Sibling Spring/Summer 2016 (Catwalking/Getty Images) When we saw schlongs on Rick Owens' fall/winter 2015 runway earlier
It's obvious that crazy talent and killer dance moves run in the family, but it's also worth noting the Jacksons' wild fashion
Teva just released a high heel version of its notoriously fugly sandal, and strangely, priced them at $330. Sorry, Teva, but (a) who would wear these and, (b) who would spend that much on them?
Fashion is supposed to be fun, but for Gaga it's also brainy. What is she trying to say with that Kermit the frog dress? What does the teacup mean? Are those rockets on her boobs?
Leather face masks, shrouded women, aliens...that might sound like a horror movie, but it's just a description of some of