crazy heart

It was originally missing a vital element for success, he says.
This raw, unrelieved portrayal of the underbelly of America is not an easy picture to take, but has an authentic if harrowing Appalachian ring. No spring in sight here (except perhaps at Oscar night).
Previously in the series: Jason Isbell is Solo, But Not Alone "There's nobody that I trust more than her and kinda vice versa
In Janie Jones, she plays a girl whose mother Mary Ann (Elisabeth Shue) is in tough shape: strung out on meth, headed for
With Jeff Bridges' new album, Dudeists have music to go along with their scriptures. Could a Dudeist liturgy be on the horizon as well?
I recommend to clients that they educate themselves about substance abuse to discover as much as they can on a personal level. We all know knowledge is power.
Hollywood narratives simply cannot accommodate women beyond the marriage plot. Once she passes Dora the Explorer's age, a woman's story (note the singular) revolves around sex and romance.
Bad Blake: was he good at least year's Oscars? Given Jeff Bridges' ultra laid back persona, his demeanor on the stage that
While both the 1969 and the Coens bothers' remake are relatively faithful to the novel, the Coens more closely captures a sense of rough justice, and that even heroes have feet of clay.
2010-09-29-elizabeththecatapult.jpg Basically, The Other Side Of Zero -- the new album by Elizabeth & The Catapult -- is a commentary on the parallels of Elizabeth Ziman's New York City life and Leonard Cohen's inability to achieve Buddhist ideals.
Bingham has had a circus ride of a year. He picked up the best song Golden Globe and Oscar for "The Weary Kind" from the film Crazy Heart. He describes the six-month-long award season as "surreal" madness.
Athletes and entertainers are natural targets. They rarely have any background or experience handling big money and often
"Precious" swept the 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards on Friday, nabbing awards in each of the five categories it was
This year's Oscar producers, Adam Shankman and Bil Mechanic, were so dedicated to the quixotic task of luring in young viewers, that we were given a show full of presenters that appeared to have gone through puberty during the rehearsals.
Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in 'Crazy Heart,' beating out George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Jeremy Renner
In this recent interview, Maggie Gyllenhaal freely mused on the role that got her into the Academy's category of Best Supporting Actress, and, among other things, motherhood.
When was the last time an Oscar Best Picture reflected the times we live in? The Departed? Not so much. No Country For Old
There's something about the appeal of Jeff Bridges that goes deeper than his engaging performances, good looks, charm, brains and acting chops. That was the mystery that I may have stumbled into figuring out.
Jeff Bridges becomes Waylon Jennings in Crazy Heart. Looks like him, dresses like him, sings like him.
Perhaps his clean-cut, boyish image obscured my ability to recognize the astonishing talent he possessed from the start. Regardless, I could see it now: Jeff Bridges has always been a lot more than a pretty face.