Crazy, Stupid, Love

Even in progressive films, realistic representation of people in recovery Is missing.
We love to rescue puppies and heal little birds with broken wings, expecting that they will then cleave to us and love us forever. Sadly, in real life, when you release a frightened, wounded animal from a trap, the first thing it usually does is to bite your face off.
Take Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas out of the equation, and Only God Forgives is no more than a stylish midnight movie about murder, vengeance and drug-dealing in Bangkok.
And speaking of the magical world of Disney: On his accent: On his hordes of fans: On the girl we wish he would marry: On
Emma Stone is supposed to be sick, but when she rolls up to Cookshop at Tenth Avenue and 20th Street on a recent muggy afternoon
When Ryan Gosling isn't saving lives, looking at us from behind those smoldering baby blues or defending animal rights, he
Hey girl, now you can have Ryan Gosling in your home anytime, day or night. In celebration of Valentine's Day, Time Warner
"The Ides of March": Gosling's Stephen Meyers predominantly wore a suit (though a crucial scene saw him, ahem, not in his
The video moves beyond the gossip once Jim Carrey, as Santa Claus, shows up, and all in all, it's an early gift from Time's
The award is especially salient given a recent interview Gosling gave, in which he revealed that his director on "The Notebook