We may feel stuck in survival mode or fear mode and begin to think things are not possible. We always have choices and there
Bradbury suggests we curate our own inspiration. “If we are going to diet for our subconscious, how prepare the menu?” He
Fall is a most beautiful season to be at the beach. Today was one of those perfect fall days when walking along the shoreline, I could see the beauty of God's creation at almost every turn.
Chinese millennials want original ideas vs copies Thanks to Zhuomin Qin, Feng Huang, Jalila Levesque, Jules Chaffiotte, Radouane
That third grade questioner? He did learn the scientifically accurate story of evolution, which today's third graders can learn with the help of his mother's and grandfather's book. Currently he is a graduate student in computer science at Yale University.
Today, September 1st 2016, is a momentous occasion. All over the world, Christians from every major denomination are uniting
And it is ok--at the risk of ruining said joke--to note that I'll allude to two biblical texts? This guy is talking to God
Reading the Book of Nature requires getting in tune with it by spending time outdoors and by developing attitudes and approaches to life that facilitate communicating with other creatures and hearing and seeing God in her works.
For all the steps described above to have happened as outlined, such numbers as the gravitational constant, the charge on
When I made the demand for all of that to change, my life once again became a generative, playful moment by moment adventure
Right-wing radio host claims evolution should have turned all gorillas into people.
By God's grace some friends and students have trusted me enough to share privately with me their personal stories as transgender
Deciduous trees in winter, shorn of their leaves and their greeniness, seem so full of soul and will and intention -- despite their barren branches -- that I want to say, yes, trees are an expression of the divine.
According to that thinking, we are, every one of us, intrinsically depraved sinners, responsible not just for our mistakes and missteps, but responsible as well for the fact that we are capable of making mistakes.
This constant stress is toxic to the soul. Rest doesn't seem restful -- it feels like procrastination -- and work doesn't bring fulfillment.