The horned "grendec" is based on a carnotaurus.
If you have passions and dreams you are a step ahead in life. Dreams do turn into realities. It is the actions and commitments
Creative thinkers, including filmmaker Brian Koppelman, journalist Maria Shriver, illustrator Francesca Chessa, and life
Fall is a most beautiful season to be at the beach. Today was one of those perfect fall days when walking along the shoreline, I could see the beauty of God's creation at almost every turn.
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That third grade questioner? He did learn the scientifically accurate story of evolution, which today's third graders can learn with the help of his mother's and grandfather's book. Currently he is a graduate student in computer science at Yale University.
By Deepak Chopra, MD To get to the origin of reality, science had to scrub away a lot of misinformation and misdirection
Today, September 1st 2016, is a momentous occasion. All over the world, Christians from every major denomination are uniting