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Thousands of detainees are secretly killed by the Assad regime every year.
Turning numbers and data into scoops. Helsinki journalists have been doing it for years and serve as good examples for media
Bassel's wife, human rights attorney Noura Ghazi, was recently contacted by insiders in the Assad government and told that Bassel has been secretly sentenced to death.
The image I chose for my post was a beautiful Tree of Life creation, which fit perfectly with the subject matter of my post. At the time, I remember hesitating for just a moment. Was it an image I had purchased from a service? Had I found it in Creative Commons? Was it OK to use?
Creative Commons creates a legitimate mechanism allowing sharing for free. But what if the artist wants a choice?
As a marketer, you probably don't want to pirate someone's content. Search engines may penalize you for publishing duplicate content and, of course, there are the potential legal and ethical issues to consider.
New technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to redefine our role in addressing the range of challenges that we as human beings face. It is our obligation to take up this call for the benefit of our students and our world.
Russia's economy is both cursed and blessed by oil. Now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and take an initiative that will provide decades of non-oil based revenues and millions of new jobs that capitalize on Russia's bright, young, technologically gifted generation.
The room brimmed with ideas: ideas about using arts and technology to build a better Middle East, ideas about new possibilities and challenges for the region. But mixed with the excitement was angst. One man was missing from the celebration. In a way, an entire country was missing.
The billions of snippets of sadness and bewilderment spinning across the Net confirm who this amazing boy Aaron Swartz was to all of us. It angers me that he did what he did. But if we're going to learn from this, we can't let slide what brought him here.
Open Education just got a big boost with the announcement of the winners of the "Why Open Education Matters?" competition the week of July 18. Here are three amazing videos to tell you why it matters.
You can this week as universities, schools, educators and students around the world are celebrating Open Education Week Another
Let's look at my case first. I'm a researcher, journalist and author, and I strongly support copyright. However, I would
The commons is a fresh way of looking at political, economic, social and cultural life that means, in short, everything that belongs to all of us.
As a "free culture warrior," I was a bit surprised to learn that, according to David Wallace-Wells in The Nation, I was in the business of "exhort[ing others] to piracy." Was I now, and had I always been, a pirate? There's a fallacy at the core of this argument.
Even with creative commons searches for images, it is not always clear if those images are copyrighted. With this new mark, we will no longer be guessing.
This iPad application will inevitably change the way the world looks at design and building for communities in need. It's the first of its kind, a tool built for designers and community groups that connects with donors around the world.