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"That requires critical thinking, and ultimately self-criticism," she said. "Sadly education today isn't up to snuff, it's
Kickstarter has made an indelible mark on our culture. Those average $30 donations have added up to tremendous economic benefits that have enhanced our lives and will continue to do so every single day with the accessibility of crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter. All it takes now is a dream, a plan, a camera, a laptop...and some generous strangers.
What exactly is the Gig Economy? According to the Census and Department of Commerce, there are roughly 28.5MM businesses
This was a wonderful opportunity to share insights and ideas with designers, real estate agents, marketing and branding folks
Although they often lost track of their values, vision and mission, which inevitably led their business astray, they somehow
"Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something."
The financial crisis of 2008 raised questions about the sustainability of our pursuit of growth for growth's sake alone. Many are now re-examining deeply rooted values, beliefs and attitudes toward our financial system, as well as how to organize, lead and manage our society.
To my mind, the Creative Economy naturally lends itself to incorporating a green pillar. Innovative approaches to addressing pressing societal and economic issues can create jobs, green the economy, and increase the country's international competitiveness.
We're squandering our future obsessing about stock price, hoping that a rising stock market will lift us all out of these doldrums.
The growing Creative Economy and the democratization of production is fostering a large generation of lone wolf professionals, competing fiercely for a place in the sun and their fifteen minutes of fame.
Skills: In general, design graduates are trained to solve problems by design, however, they are rarely sufficiently skilled
This is a critical time for one of the largest and most economically and culturally diverse public school systems in the country (if not the world).
Since Asians have an appetite for risk-averse attitudes in investment and risk-seeking attitudes in gambling, this paradigm
It is interesting to note that Mitra's TEDTalk is titled, "The Future of Learning" rather than "Education." This distinction seems like the heart of the issue, not only for self-organized learning environment, but more widely.
If a creative culture, as identified by creative professionals, is the prerequisite for competitive advantages today, how can manufacturing and service-oriented cultures make this leap?
It is becoming clear that art and culture are central to ensuring vibrant economic activity of our cities and the foreshadowing of a whole economy based upon creativity and innovation.
At a time when unemployment is the key political issue and when virtually everyone in politics is struggling to find ways to reduce the ranks of the unemployed, why doesn't some smart politician realize that the arts are one way to help solve this problem?
The new thinking skills that are necessary to succeed in the 21st century workplace demand creativity and innovation, for these are the ingredients to success and survival in the new global economy.
As the economy turns once again in a positive way -- and it will -- creative thinking, creative products, creative services and creativity in all a city does will make our cities unique in the world.