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Renowned author and activist Isabel Allende explains why she's a feminist and encourages women to keep working on behalf of each other.
(This piece was originally posted on Medium on May 16, 2016; it has been slightly adapted) Today marks six months since Egyptian
Omega: You were diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 and developed the Relax & Write™ method as a part of your healing process
Omega: What advice do you have for those who are afraid of nature or being alone in wilderness? Les: They are completely
Omega: Your creative process is steeped in preparation, exploration, and a huge amount of research. Do you see a distinction
Dar Williams is an American singer-songwriter and folk musician with 10 critically acclaimed studio albums. She has also taught at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival song school, published two novels, and led the "Give Bees a Camp."
One art therapist explains how making art can save lives.
See more examples of adult coloring books here, here, here and here. We're fairly certain elementary school had all the answers
I stay grounded by being grateful for things in my life and the opportunities and life experiences I am granted, including survival. I remind myself that my work can inspire people and positively influence their lives.
7. Paint your own personal set of Russian dolls Behold, 10 art therapy techniques to help you relax this season. Though we're
Gino DePinto, AOL BUILD "If you are a creative person, you try to create things that are an extension of yourself" - professed
What talents lie behind those with physical impairments that confine them to a wheelchair, or those with intellectual disabilities that limit life activities such as work and living independently?
The world can be a scary and confusing place when you're a kid, even if you're one of the lucky ones and have every imaginable
The pressures of modernity have resulted in many casualties. In this battle between the head and the heart, the language with international acceptability, the language of future and opportunities and the language required for basic survival in today's world is likely to win hands down.
"I aligned with a message from above that, yes, this is what I was supposed to do," Whitney said. She opened her first art
His age places him squarely in The Vintage Years, that stage of life after about 55 when the pleasure and meaning derived from doing something is satisfaction in and of itself. No longer are goals and milestones set in place for external rewards -- the reward is contentment in the here and now.
Spring, in all her glory, dares the frosty air. Do we? Do we dare to shake off the wintry cold that hardens hearts and dampens dreams? Do we dare to bloom today, to become that which is best in our hearts, and that which most inspires our spirit? Do we dare?
It is one of the great tragedies of adulthood that so many of us leave our artistic lives in adolescence. I often find myself in conversations with people who lament, "Oh, I used to play the violin," or, "Remember when we used to do theater?" or, "I wish I still had the time to paint."