creative marriage proposals

I wondered how many times this beautiful young woman might have imagined this moment. The young man bent down on one knee, and from his pocket, pulled out and opened a small box. Gazing upward, he held the box toward her and grasped her hand.
H/T YouTube On January 8, 2015, Kessel's 26th birthday, Smith unveiled the video during a family trip to Aruba. He had her
H/T RightThisMinute There's an art to staging the perfect proposal, and this man has mastered it. In April, Shenna Barkley
And, whew, she said yes! His girlfriend predictably freaked out: The happy couple showed some love for 1D: Help me propose
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The whole thing was recorded by a police dashboard camera, and you can watch the footage above. Believe it or not, Van Vliet
British magician Tom London had one very romantic trick up his sleeve. In a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, he goes
In a recent interview with Wired, Mika explained that his then-girlfriend (and now-wife) really liked puzzle games like "Klax
In a world filled with cohabitation and hook-up culture and over-communication, I'm living proof that silly fantasies of girls who still yearn for old-fashioned romance can and do come true.