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Part of this is due to the non-stop mind and thinking up of ideas. This in itself is not so much of a problem, except that
Artists are not a monolithic group. Many throughout history have courted celebrity. In the days when all art was commissioned, the more famous (or notorious) you were, the more likely it was that you could become the court painter, or get commissions for portraits.
Because of gender bias, women's innovation may not be valued at work.
As a creative person, I've had a slightly different life than my other friends, who have walked a more traditional path. I can't tell you how many times people have stared at my resume thinking, "That's interesting," or called me into a job interview just to see who I was.
Here's the thing. I've been an overachiever all my life. Always trying to be the best, always trying to do several things at once partly because I'm super crazy creative and have so many ideas and so much energy channeling through me, and partly because I'm trying to 'get somewhere.'
Fashion icon Vera Wang may be a businesswoman, but she is a creative designer by nature. And she understands that it's difficult
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Have you ever wondered why some people are more creative than others? Did you ever wish that you had more of that particular gene? The good news is that research shows that happiness and creativity are not only related, they can be developed.
ts expansiveness, acute organization and the enthusiasm from the buyers, booth & brand reps and all those invited to attend, was nothing short of overwhelming.
By Jena Pincott The best part about tapping into your artistic side isn’t necessarily the novel, sketch or upcycled, Etsy
Those who seem to be most alive, most in touch with life and their own creative powers are individuals who are demonstrating what it means to live on the edge of their own potential.
What I have discovered is that clues abound in times of darkness. Ours is to pay attention, if we are wise, paying attention day and night.
Creative thinking is influenced by many traits, behaviors, and sociocultural factors that come together in one person. It would be surprising if all of these factors didn't sometimes appear to contradict one another.
Creativity is one of the characteristics of the universe. The evolution of the cosmos is characterized by a movement toward life, toward diversity, and toward consciousness.
According to top headhunters, creativity is one of the most sought-after traits in CEOs today. But is creativity also associated with dishonesty and unethical behavior?