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This is not a linear process. Sometimes your Creative Style is in conflict with a forgotten influence and suddenly you are
I suppose there are as many reasons to paint as there are painters. For most of the painters I know personally, the act of
I'd like to write to you about my lungs. I teach acting, and when I do, I use my voice a lot. Growing up, I didn't learn to breathe deeply. And now I have to.
Defining, maintaining, and refining a cadence is key to keeping a company "accountable and authentic to everyone it touches
One creative entity, WeTransfer -- a Dutch tech company driven by creativity almost more than technology -- took note of the hotbed of talent flocking to Southern California and excitedly chose not only to join, but be a foundation and facilitator to exciting collaborative projects in the realm of art, music, sports, and culture.
What These Facts Mean for Creatives One of the reasons why it is sometimes difficult to be a creative in today's world is
The cinematographic experience of Chapter One is a ticket to an intimate global adventure; visiting a handful of the most
Many creatives talk about following their passion which is the reason why a lot of us became entrepreneurs. However, making
The key to most anything you want in life, especially writing, is momentum. These past few weeks I lost momentum.
I've returned a number of times to revisit the exhibit as, from an artist's perspective, it is fascinating to see works that are not finished offer insight into the artistic working process -- what the artist may have been thinking at that point in the painting.
There are few things in life that can suck the creative energy right out of you quite like that of a drab and boring office space. Homogenous rows of cubicles completely devoid of personality might be the worst, but generic beige walls and bland carpets are horribly oppressive in their own right.
And then I have a population who has been told all their lives that they had nothing worth saying--that their punctuation
In his business memoir "Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul," Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz
As you go through any given day, think of all of the technological wonders, gadgets, and even simple creature comforts, like gourmet chocolate and a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, that simply would not exist if it wasn't for someone else's creativity and innovation. Without creativity and innovation, we would all still be huddled together in the back of a Stone Age cave desperate for a way to feed ourselves and stay warm.
A new book argues that creativity is hardly a fixed trait. Rather, like any other skill, creativity is something you can train yourself to cultivate with the right kind of practice. In fact, it's more of a science than an art.
Lack of Understanding of Finances I have heard every excuse under the sun; I am bad at math, I can't get my head around numbers
I felt like I'd won the lottery when I was commissioned to paint this piece. Getting paid to do what makes your heart sing is a gift.
3. You sometimes feel low energy and a bit sad because you feel blocked for ideas. You wonder if all the great ideas will
My follower base is not large, but it is mighty. I'm tired of letting other people dictate what value I give my following and my writing. Fame and fortune lost their allure years ago. Now I want connection.