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Scheman told The Huffington Post that it wasn't until they were already on their way to Iceland that he revealed the whole
Now that's some serious kismet. While Barkley was describing what the letter "K" meant to her -- kismet, which means fate
Congrats to the happy couple! May their love be as strong as a Venti Americano. H/T BuzzFeed On October 16, Ethan fittingly
Watch the proposal unfold in the video above. One man just pulled off a proposal so romantic, it could make even the most
For the last year and a half, Omar Kenawi and his girlfriend Sue Schlegel have been in a long-distance relationship, sometimes
She should feel that your proposal is the start of something great, something life-changing, and something phenomenal. So in honor of Maya Angelou, I put together some proposal ideas inspired by poetry.
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Talk about a close call! A bride to be almost DIED when her fiance proposed to her while they were on vacation.
Stephanie Walker was on a scuba diving trip off the coast of Turkey with boyfriend Anthony Taylor when he decided to pop
One woman is having the best week ever. Not only did she win almost $36,000 in prizes on "Price Is Right," but during the
So Lord got some friends and a band together to perform the song for Prater. And just when you think the proposal can't get
A British man popped the question to his American girlfriend earlier this month with a proposal that was both kick-ass and
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Watch the video above to see the sweet and insanely detailed proposal for yourself. Then click through the slideshow below
Frei told reporters on the scene that this proposal was exactly what he had dreamed of. Check out the video above to see
The proposal wasn't a complete surprise for Rispoli, who told Long Island Newsday that she was suspicious of the GoPro camera
Check out more geeky marriage proposals in the slideshow below. Click through the slideshow below to find out the great length's
In the comments, Nightzel explained how he timed the proposal so perfectly. But the adrenaline rush wasn't just from the
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