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H/T RightThisMinute There's an art to staging the perfect proposal, and this man has mastered it. In April, Shenna Barkley
Five years ago, Ethan Knapp and Kenna Rusk's love story began at Starbucks when Ethan came in to turn in a job application
And as if that wasn't romantic enough, Blake uses his shirt to wipe away Carly's post-proposal happy tears. Excuse us while
For the last year and a half, Omar Kenawi and his girlfriend Sue Schlegel have been in a long-distance relationship, sometimes
She should feel that your proposal is the start of something great, something life-changing, and something phenomenal. So in honor of Maya Angelou, I put together some proposal ideas inspired by poetry.
A marriage proposal in the back seat of a taxi doesn't exactly sound romantic -- at least not at first. But when New York
Talk about a close call! A bride to be almost DIED when her fiance proposed to her while they were on vacation.
The 26-year-old was completely surprised, which didn't bode well for her underwater. According to the report, Walker's gasp
The magical moment happened late last week when 25-year-old Morgan Welge was a contestant on the game show. Right after spinning