creative thinking

For me, in that moment, there wasn't a long line ahead of us and I didn't have the time to explain well enough in detail
It is easy to forget that an organisation is set up to do more than just go about its regular activities to achieve set goals and complete its mission statement. But in truth, as we spend 1/3 of our day at work, it is important that we feel comfortable in our work environment and relaxed and motivated by our colleagues.
The best ideas come from tuning into your creative genius zone. We all have one, we only need to practice accessing it more often.
Then again, maybe I don't. I don't want everyone to know what I know. I don't want the sidewalks to become as crowded as
Countless times, I have heard others insist that the "9-5 lifestyle" isn't for them, and that they are simply unable to envision themselves sitting at a desk for the rest of their life. On some level, this is valid. In actuality, things aren't always so black and white.
So how do you make creativity part of your daily life? Here are 9 suggestions-and you can get started on them all in the next 10 minutes.
As somebody who likes to study social and business trends, what I have observed in recent years is some interesting trends
Everyone that I work with wants to know what the secrets are to be more creative. The reality is simple, it's just about making small changes. The good news is just by changing or adding small things to the buffet of your life, you can almost immediately be more creative at work and at home. Here are 7 simple secrets to being more creative.
When have you seen your child fail at school? What was your reaction? What would happen if we trusted our teachers as experts
You're an entrepreneur, which means you make your own rules. So own who are, blaze your own trail, and shout your message from the treetops. Shamelessly share the real you -- whether that means you're in a suit, or in bright orange sunglasses.