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This Halloween, the hottest seasonal attraction will be a house of political horrors.
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The Brooklyn Navy Yard is infested. 2,000 pigeons have come home to roost on a defunct aircraft carrier. This is Fly by Night, the newest project by Creative Time, a socially-engaged arts organization best known for the Tribute in Light, those ghostly beams that punch the sky over Manhattan every year in the week running up to September 11th.
Gilbert Bretterbauer, Threaded Chair, 2016, painted metal. Courtesy of Rauminhalt. At Collective Design Fair. In the West
Creative Time and the Central Park Conservancy combine to make a wonderland of graceful, low environmental impact but high cultural impact moments to interact with the north end of the park in all its lush spring gloriousness. Don't miss this: it closes June 20.
In it, you can see a selective slice of the audience (mostly people of color), ogling the Sphinx, touching the subtleties
Outside the venue, a very long line winds down and around several blocks. Art aficionados wait patiently in the sun. Inside, the exhibition visitors wander and wonder. THE MARVELOUS SUGAR BABY regally inhabits the space.
Sugar. Talk of it is everywhere. It's one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes in our country. It is an ingredient so common to us that it is difficult to imagine a world without it.
Kara Walker's sugar sphinx descended upon Brooklyn last month, bringing well over 35 tons of sweetness to the cavernous darkness of the old Domino Sugar Factory.
One might forgive Serrano for his use of neutralizing euphemisms in the titles for all three art projects -- I know firsthand from running my museum that the mere mention of the word "homeless" can shut doors, eyes and minds.
Because I am an "emerging" artist, I can say whatever I want. I am mercifully un-tethered to a gallery or institution.
For those who will be drawn like bees to honey to this unprecedented monument of site specificity in a place directly welded
In the meantime, I cannot help wondering about the "subtlety" of inviting an African American artist to highlight the historic past of labor exploitation in the sugar trade before erasing one of its monuments and replacing it with a monument to gentrification.
Originally produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2005, Fraser Grace's award-winning thriller begins previews this
The women we look up to in the arts -- from New York City Ballet's Wendy Whelan soaring above the stage at Lincoln Center to action hero Elizabeth Streb scaling a building in London -- have their own inspiring heroines, some famous and others less known.
The contemporary art world is like a Titanic that will never sink -- like the corporate world that is "too big to fail."
Thus, being at your best may be over-rated, at least for people seeking innovative ideas or creative solutions.  To be sure
Novelist Harriet Heyman, formerly of Life and The New York Times, talks about taking up acrobatics later in life. In this
On Tuesday, a series of ornamental dishes were confiscated from Creative Time, for apparently being the one-time property