Creative Writing

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No, it’s not just you. You’re not just imagining that half the blogs and books you’ve read in the last few years have urged
You are alive with possibilities. You just need to find them.
"I was the only girl I knew practicing her flow, and internal rhyme, and not just listening to rap but studying it."
i think it would be so hot to secede from the union. we could be on our own without thinking any evil thoughts anymore. imagine
Yours, E, I have an ancient confidence that lies in my foundation, a dirty blend of emerald and pale skin, beat-up bits that
Creative entrepreneurs need to source this inspiration on a regular basis to fuel their work and their passions.
So? Have I proven myself thus far? What recognition is there for these, my roles. Mother. Writer. My educated, mostly happy
Before that, I'd have champagne with friends. A couple times I did nothing. Several times I dressed up; I even remember the