When your doorbell rings, you might pretend to be scared by a group of kids wearing ghost costumes. And you'll hand out candy and have a lot of fun. But the ghosts you should really be scared of are the ones who never ring your doorbell... the credit ghosts!
At the recent Small Business Lending Summit, franchising was cited as a popular path to entrepreneurship. But the difficulty that small-business owners face for financing is a challenge.
To provide the much-needed liquidity, the U. S. Small Business Administration is revising its CAPLine program to make lines of credit more acceptable to lenders and more available to small-business owners. However, banks would rather make conventional LOCs rather than hassle with some of the SBA's requirements.
Wall Street is in a full meltdown. Bear Stearns is gone, so the markets are wondering who's next. The leading contender? Lehman Brothers.