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Activists said the acting secretary's appearance at a law school conference would have given the Trump administration a "platform to spread hatred."
The House speaker has cautioned against moving forward without an “ironclad” case, but she's facing increased pressure to begin the process.
The announcement comes after a three-year effort to strike down a gag order on the case.
CREDO’s activism also involves engaging with a broader network of 3.6 million members, many of whom aren’t mobile customers
The wireless carrier CREDO is making major donations to three progressive nonprofits this month to boost their respective
Those orders can legally be used to impose a gag order on recipients. A White House-appointed intelligence review panel that
I am a longtime fan of MSNBC. I have watched it regularly for years and admired its growth into a commercially successful platform for smart news and analysis. That is why I am so disappointed.
To Americans wondering if they can still make a difference by engaging their neighbors on the issues important to their communities, the data tells us that the answer is emphatically yes.