Ben Stokes of England's cricket team just made a one-handed grab that wowed the world.
"We were really lucky," team manager Khaled Mashud said.
Researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison said cricket powder decreased overall body inflammation in new research.
Manifestação - Sports is never just a game and often political, as Brazil learned well during its 2014 World Cup. Senado
Trinidad’s semi-professional cricket, long a feeder for Caribbean cricketers to play broad, has lost of its lustre. Tom Hodgkinson
Fidget Spinners are about as original as the insane crazes of Yo-Yo’s, Pogs, or Pokemon cards. The plastic spinning device
Men and women cricket players in the U.S. now have a shot at becoming full-time, professional cricketers. Today, the USA
From humble begins and "stick and ball" game origins, baseball has become a part of American identity.
The future remains uncertain for USA women’s cricket.
On March 29, 2011, a day before the keenly anticipated World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan - arch rivals both on and off the field - I visited the Gurudwara Dera Sahib in Lahore.
Greater investment and interest would mean more sports scientists studying the game. Cricket would have been closer to technical perfection than it had ever been before.
Call this a stirring of the pot or ruffling of the feathers of some sort. Marketing to Americans has not yet started earnestly. There remains a lot to be said and done about the development of cricket as both a spectator sport and a participant sport in the US.
I can figure out all kinds of sports from the recent Olympics, including badminton, water polo and even that thing called handball which is nothing like the one-wall variety we played with a Spaldeen against the wall as kids.
Qandeel Baloch’s raunchy social media photos challenged social norms in Pakistan, a deeply conservative Muslim country.
Over the past decade, religiosity and religious intolerance have seeped into national sports teams in Pakistan and Egypt, societies that have been wracked by faith-based narrow-mindedness and political fanaticism.
There could be others but since I work on the telecast, I don't know what misconceptions exist beyond. Answers by Harsha