Cricket World Cup

The "Work" singer called cricket coach Roddy Estwick "my mentor, my champ."
Ben Stokes of England's cricket team just made a one-handed grab that wowed the world.
Trinidad’s semi-professional cricket, long a feeder for Caribbean cricketers to play broad, has lost of its lustre. Tom Hodgkinson
If Claude von Clausewitz is correct that war is merely "politics by other means," then the same can be said about sports. Sport has never transcended politics and never will.
India defeated Sri Lanka by six wickets to win the 2011 Cricket World Cup on Saturday in Mumbai. To see the full scorecard
"I'm a cricket fanatic and I'm a diehard supporter of my nation," she reportedly said. "India needs a lot of support and
India defeated Pakistan by 29 runs in the heated semi-final, 260-231, despite encountering little difficulty in the earlier
While Africa and America are often recognized as the book ends of the African Diaspora, there is an additional link in the Middle Passage that is less publicized, but no less important.
The ad, part of the company's "Cricket Survival Guide" promotional series, features a young white Australian at a cricket
With low lights at the end of the tunnel, it looks an uphill task for Pakistani sportsmen to regain their long lost glory.
Pakistan has been stripped of hosting rights for the 2011 World Cup because of the "uncertain security situation" in the
Afghanistan beat Bermuda by 60 runs a day after defeating Denmark in their opening game of the World Cup qualifying tournament