Crime control

The images from the recent gas attack in Syria, where over 80 people, including babies in diapers, can be seen painfully
Long story short, when thinking about prison reform, stakeholders need to consider the needs of the many, not the few. Reforms should be applicable to most prisoners, not solely first-time, non-violent drug offenders.
While education programs for prisoners are often a hard pill to swallow for the average American who must pay for their own children to go to school, the research is clear: prison education is the most cost-effective crime control method that exists.
According to the program's prospectus, "Adams State University Master of Business Administration will provide access and
Because prisoners cannot leave the prison facility to attend classes, when courses require professional instructors the instructors must go into the prisons to reach them. But qualified educators in prison education programs are rare to nonexistent.
Research clearly indicates that the best predictor of a child's educational success is the educational attainment of his or her parents.
In addition to such innovative, research-based housing, the prison industries program is robust. Serco has come to agreements with industrial partners Cabins To Go, PlaceMakers, and Envirowaste for inmate training.
New York's new mayor made clear from the beginning that he would put an end to NYPD's aggressive "stop and frisk" policies. So, what does he do? He turns around and appoints a police commissioner who, under Rudy Giuliani, ushered in that very same stop and frisk mentality.