crime shows

Obviously the screenwriters privileged the plot over believability in each case. By doing so, they made otherwise intelligent characters seem moronic. I've seen it happen in TV show after show, and all too often it's women who end up making all the wrong moves.
Olivia Benson might just influence your beliefs about sexual assault.
Forever has a strong female lead, generally good scripts, and Gruffudd's opening and closing reflections are often thought-provoking. But I wonder if the fact that the show is based in fantasy has made the writers lose their grip on reality and decide that whatever they think needs to be real for the show is real.
9. You’re always proud when the victim of the crime lives to tell the tale. 7. Dramatic narrators can totally make or break
Really ABC? "Whodunnit?" Of all the pitches you receive on a daily basis, this is what you choose to produce? A reality television series, where someone is murdered, and "everyday" people compete to solve the crime so that they don't get killed themselves?
Great TV keeps flooding the DVD shelves because great TV is all over the airwaves. Here's a rundown of some recent releases.
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