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Cuba Gooding Jr. discusses working with John Travolta on "American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson."
Cuba Gooding Jr. explains why he didn't meet with O.J. Simpson prior to filming "American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson."
Steve, wherever your fierce spirit has taken you, I celebrate all that you've accomplished. You made filling an empty page, or an blank canvas or a vacant sheet of music, so much easier.
Some true crime writing gets a bad rap in the literary world. But these stories, when written well, can achieve what the best literature achieves, making us question our collective cultural morality and what it is that makes us human.
"I wrote a song about my high school girlfriend who broke my heart and have been milking it ever since. The irony of it is, it's the very first song I ever wrote and it's the song that's pinned on my back, kind of like 'kick me.'"
It's a soulful and moving performance, one that makes the film worth watching. Maggio's story and plotting can be predictable