Criminal charge

Veronica Tejera faces two charges of child endangerment for leaving her children alone in a hotel room when she accompanied her dying husband to the hospital.
Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her aides made misleading statements about the case but did nothing criminal, a special prosecutor said.
A Long Island criminal defendant tried faking his death to avoid a jail sentence, but the phony death certificate his lawyer submitted had a glaring spelling error.
Spacey still faces a criminal charge.
Officials said they would continue their investigation and wage a “vigorous pursuit of justice," some five years after the water crisis first began.
With Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen convicted of multiple criminal charges, the investigations circled ever closer to Trump.
The latest indictment includes allegations of wrongdoing as recently as January 2017.
The charges are part of the criminal case brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.