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Court documents filed Friday show a settlement has been reached since the comedian went to prison last fall in a separate sex assault case.
Amnesty International condemned the penalties, which also apply to children, as "cruel and inhuman."
"She may be the only victim to testify in their own murder trial," a defense attorney said.
The charges are part of the criminal case brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
There’s no reason to sugarcoat any of this anymore.
In most cases, your arduous day spent sitting around in a courthouse will get your name off of the potential jurors list
Top criminal defense organizations threw their weight behind Syed's push for a new trial.
Law abiding citizens often get in their own way. Because of the mystique of our court systems, many of those who get arrested for traffic tickets or even worse, DUI's, anticipate so much fear of the courts, that they are too ready to "rollover and play dead," in order to get it all over with.
The former Virginia governor's appeal could redefine the rules of government corruption.
We propose a re-imagining of future sexual assault trials in order to respond to the realities of sexual assault survivors while also respecting the rights of an accused.
We are often mistaken for the assistant in the courtroom, rather than the lawyer. And the most obvious, racialized lawyers in criminal law practice are often in solo practice. Maybe it is because we are not even hired as much.
Going further back to 2002, South Africa's position has definitely changed. It would be interesting to hear the views of
Social media, broadly defined, is having a powerful impact in the U.S. legal environment. Additionally, as social media crosses national boundaries, global legal concerns, not addressed in this brief comment, must be considered in practice.
Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously wrote that he could not define pornography, "But I know it when I see it." A Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge recently decided that she could define a lewd act when he saw it, and he knew it from a defendant's exposed penis.
The justices agreed to hear the gifty gov's appeal over whether his "official action" amounted to corruption.
One of the most critical questions will be whether the prosecutors can present evidence relating to the many other accusations made against Cosby by other women. The judge's ruling on this issue may end up being the turning point in the case.
When, if ever, can the government effectively prevent a criminal defendant from using their legitimate assets to hire a lawyer? That's the fundamental question that the Supreme Court confronts in Luis v. United States--a question that implicates the integrity of the criminal justice system.