criminal record

Policymakers consider the criminal justice and racial equity aspects of legal marijuana.
This would "significantly undermine" efforts to keep firearms out of dangerous hands, gun control advocates say.
The Atlanta father says the 2-year-old boy has "nothing" to do with his mistakes.
Most recently, the states of Oklahoma, Tennessee and Wisconsin imposed the policy on their own governments, bringing the
A law barring former prisoners from holding certain jobs during their lifetimes "sweeps unnecessarily broadly," Pennsylvania judges determined.
Simply “delaying the background check,” he elaborated, “will make it possible for qualified applicants who also happen to
But advocates say such incidents are an exception and most people who have run-ins with the criminal justice system don't go to college to commit crime. Elected officials are starting to pay attention to that argument.
Evolv, a data firm that analyzes workforces, has found that people convicted of a crime – about 13 percent of its database
“That never was really me,” said Andrew, “You can’t really hold a person’s past against them because the person could be
Employers are looking for talent with the right skills to fill open positions and bring value to their company. We all make mistakes and a candidate's actions in the past shouldn't hold them back from achieving success in the future.
Since 1996 New York City has spent from half a billion to over a billion dollars arresting people for less than an ounce of marijuana.