Criminal Trials

Trump is considering pardoning Gallagher, who faces trial for murdering an Islamic State prisoner in his care and attempting to murder civilians.
Fulton became a passionate gun control and anti-poverty activist after the shooting death of her unarmed teenage son.
The former U.S. Army intelligence officer has been detained since March for refusing to testify in the government's Wikileaks case.
A spokesperson confirmed that the app removed the man known for killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.
Trayvon Martin was 17 years old when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.
“I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while,” Jason Dalton told a judge.
Zimmerman reportedly sent texts to a private eye concerning Jay Z's docuseries on the Martin case.
Twenty states now have Sexual Violent Predator laws, which allow civil commitment of offenders who are considered likely to continue as sexual predators. But how reliable are the forensic mental health experts making the judgments of risk?
The justice system is meant to ascertain the facts according to the evidence and to assign punishment proportionate to the crime. These purposes -- truth and justice -- cannot be served by bargaining.
Regardless of the final verdict in the Astor case, estate matters should be left in the bailiwick of probate or surrogate's courts which have expertise in those type of matters.