crisis communications

Answer: For managers: 1. Provide a safety-conscious environment. 2. Ensure a non-threatening environment so that problems
Doctoral students Doug Wilbur and Dani Myers analyzed Twitter responses to a crisis and found that seemingly unorganized or semi-organized groups may actually develop organized positions toward a company in crisis.
What have the highlights and challenges been during your tenure at MusterPoint? Highlights have been getting funding, seeing
The industry's new crisis communications expert advocates "reputation management."
Sticks and stones may indeed break your bones but was it ever really true that "words will never hurt you?"
No one wants to think about the prospects for threats or calamities. But when they happen--as they inevitably will--you will be very glad you thought through how to react, before that reaction was needed.
• Getting clean water to all of the people of Flint. This is the number one priority. Every government official and involved
Since it's debate season and election season this winter, you may be wondering how your non-profit can take part in larger
As members of a community it is extra important for us to not be sharing false information, to be extra calm and careful