Crisis pregnancy center

Republicans will likely hand $25 million annually to anti-abortion pregnancy centers with the passage of a six-week ban on abortions.
"My first day at the center was a trial by fire ... every bone in my body begged me to get up and leave."
After missing multiple red flags, the alarm bells started ringing in my head.
The “crisis pregnancy center” that deceived me is the exact kind of fake clinic that SCOTUS ruled has the constitutional right to deceive women about their reproductive care.
The Supreme Court says states can force doctors to lie, but can't force anti-abortion counselors to disclose the truth.
If a state can’t compel anti-abortion faux-clinics to post signs about abortion, it can’t compel real doctors to lie to their patients about abortion.
The ruling represented a significant victory for abortion opponents who operate crisis pregnancy centers around the country.
But they may have met their match in these Gen X parents, who are fighting back.
The faux clinics don't just set up shop next to abortion clinics. They're also in schools teaching abstinence-only sex ed.
"Last Week Tonight" reveals how crisis pregnancy centers really operate.