cristina kirchner

The New York Times reported last week that Argentina's former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was indicted "on charges of manipulating the nation's Central Bank during the final months of her administration."
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner announced yesterday that she'll soon be the godmother to a lesbian couple's child. Karina
The official inflation data has been widely viewed as inaccurate, created by a corrupt government to hide the real cost of inflation and allowing it to underpay it's debts.
¡Feliz Día de la Mujer! That's right, an entire 24 hours dedicated to demonstrating how much we appreciate the lovely ladies
With Hugo Chavez having now passed, the question of who will inherit his legacy as the vanguard of 21st century socialism in Latin America is foremost in the minds of many.
Along those same lines, NPR recently asked whether she can fight the country's culture of machismo. NPR reports: It seems
She will take three weeks off from work to recover, during which time Argentina's Vice President Amado Boudou will handle
Cristina Kirchner has moved her image to the political center to attract dollar investors. Instead of a dirty war, Argentina is fighting a war against food price inflation and syndicalists.
In a nation where sports and politics cooperate to form a sense of national identity, the Argentine Football Association selected Maradona, who has been out of the game for a decade, over a group of more qualified candidates.
The ruling party of Cristina Fernandez, the Argentine president, has lost seats in both houses of parliament, first official