Critical infrastructure

Despite the fact that cyber-attacks occur with greater frequency and intensity around the world, many either go unreported or are under-reported, leaving the public with a false sense of security about the threat they pose and the lives and property they impact.
As courts begin to shape a cybersecurity duty of care in this "new era," the NIST Framework could be used to determine whether a company's duty has been successfully met.
How many of these use Windows XP? No one knows for sure, but probably at least 10% and as much as 30 percent are older computers
Mobile connectivity is exploding and smartphones and tablets are whetting the appetites of cyber criminals and the population of hacker world. Any device that has information stored on it is vulnerable.
The administration has put out an executive order on cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. Congress is not happy. But I think that this order largely gets things right.
Kerry’s comments reflect the growing concern in Washington that hackers from other countries could pose national security
CSA is much-needed right now to protect America's critical infrastructure systems from potentially devastating and costly attacks. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to overcome its political obstacles.
Lewis, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Senate Democrats likely acceded to Republicans' demands
The confirmation that the United States was behind Stuxnet is another sign of the Obama administration's efforts to build
The hidden fact is that CISPA completely avoids the issue of protecting critical infrastructure. The bill's authors said the reason for CISPA not covering critical infrastructure was "that [was] outside of our jurisdiction."
This disrespectful scoff at the legal requirements for transparency occurred in the most populous county in the nation's most populous state. And, as reported in the largest newspaper in the western U.S., there was nothing to indicate even a scintilla of remorse, outrage or apology.