Critical race theory

Parents have swarmed school board meetings to rail against "CRT." Teachers we spoke to say they've hardly heard of it.
Bernice King, Martin Luther King’s daughter, condemned House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy after he cited her father to attack critical race theory.
The House minority leader's slam against critical race theory did not go well.
School board elections that were once uncontested have drawn slates of candidates galvanized by one issue or another.
Donald Trump's former secretary of state warned it's "dangerous" to teach about America’s flawed foundation and got schooled.
The Fox News personality suggested police-style body cameras to check on what every teacher is telling their students.
"There is a great deal of confusion surrounding critical race theory (CRT), which is being hotly debated among the constituents of our nation’s independent schools."
Roy Wood Jr. examines the latest right-wing scaremongering in his "Unsolved Mysteries" segment.
The 10 members took aim at Gov. Chris Sununu for signing a new law that limits how educators and state employees can talk about racism.