Critical race theory

In a rare speech, the former vice president shrugged off Trump’s role in stirring up Capitol rioters, even though some were calling for his murder.
Liberty Alliance, a far-right Missouri organization, named specific schools and school districts on its map.
Buffalo was just the victim of a brutal racist attack. Crusades against critical race theory will only produce more ignorance and more hate.
“The attempt to cloak book bans and censorship as a parent issue is not working,” said American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten.
A school district official in Texas is in hot water after telling teachers that Holocaust lessons should include “other perspectives.”
Increasing Republican attacks on the nation's schools are not reflected in how most parents view their kids' education, the poll said.
No lawsuits have to be filed in order for the law to be successful.
The far right Florida governor's rep said the kids were well aware of the message.
The Florida Department of Education rejected 41% of submitted textbooks over "attempts to indoctrinate children." The textbooks taught math.
Over 1,000 books were banned in schools in the past year, with bans disproportionately targeting books on race and the LGBTQ community.