critical thinking

In a Stanford study, fact checkers were the best at spotting propaganda and fake news.
Feelings are not facts. "I just know it in my gut" may be comforting but is no substitute for objective evidence. Whenever
Like every other freedom, freedom of the press comes with responsibility. If we shirk it, a free press will make us less
Civilization means more than comfort, convenience, and material goods. These have to do with the physical. A soulless culture
Using System 1 thinking on a System 2 problem doesn't work. In 2003, Vice-President Dick Cheney, no doubt with a mental model
This is the kind of education that schools and teachers want to give you as students, but which government refuses to allow
The event was chaotic, but hopefully fun and interesting - at least it seemed so according to the few kids I spoke with afterwards
Do you always encourage your kids to say whatever they want or do you censor them?
Almost half the country voted for a candidate who did his best in every public venue to squash or make fun of critical thinking
Should artists and writers be political? Should they serve the interests of the haves or have-nots, or should they be apolitical
This election, with its unexpected and extraordinary results, ratcheted up the intensity of that query, but the substance remains the same: Are Americans making a profound decision of whom to place in charge of the nation based on something other than reason?
Q. But isn't it better to have only one view and avoid error and discord? "A philosophy or theology that purports to make
if we continue to eagerly gobble up evidence of our enemy's perfidy from any source whatsoever vs. putting the time and effort into making up our own minds, how much longer will it be before we find ourselves in a dystopia our confirmation biases have built to imprison us?
Failing to educate children, adolescents, and adults of all ages to think critically can lead many among us to hold opinions that are simply at odds with facts.
The Greeks were a very self-critical people and wouldn't want us to make them our gods, our idols, or authority figures, but
As already noted, the outsized examples we've seen this election cycle makes such behavior fair game for moral lessons delivered in lectures, editorials or sermons. My only problem with such moralizing is that it might be letting one party - all of us - off the hook.
Those who viewed the debate through the lens of rhetorical craftsmanship will have noticed that neither candidate took the
Not Seeking Closure on Questions Seniors bring to discussions an ability to wait quietly until each student is finished and
Now logic is a more difficult thing to analyze than factual truth or falsehood, and those consuming such analysis require a certain facility with logic and argumentation in order to follow along. But what a wonderful thing it would be if there was an audience large enough to support just one web site offering such a service.