critical thinking

In a Stanford study, fact checkers were the best at spotting propaganda and fake news.
In the early days of the Trump Administration, we have been treated to conflicting information on a range of issues. Alternatively
The free press will continue. The question, as Jefferson rightly posed it, is whether we receive this information and are
There is only one true measure of a nation's health - its care for its sick, its poor, its weak, and its helpless. There
So, relying on your instincts, your intuitive responses, can be tricky. Write down the first answer that comes into your
So how do we get the facts straight about what happened in the past? Of course, this assumes that we really want to know
Local schools are natural loci for such activities. While you don't need an excuse to inquire there about possibilities for
Do you always encourage your kids to say whatever they want or do you censor them?
First and foremost, those of us lucky enough to have tenure need to remember this foundation of academic freedom and use
This is a common temptation, but if one persists, one begins to make headway. If one has had three years of high-school Latin