Done right, gravy is creamy, rich, and glorious. Getting there? That's the challenge. Sure, you could fuss over your roux until it's perfectly golden and lump-free -- but we think you've done enough heavy lifting for one holiday. Who's going to know if you cheat a little? Enter croissants.
A day of rest? Not so much. We did sleep later than usual, and decided to treat ourselves to a posh breakfast. We wanted sit down food, not takeaway, and curry need not apply. Heading to Waverly place, there's a tourist information store, which sold us a detailed map of Edinburgh.
So why the constant need to morph things all the time? I get the cronut thing, it was a gimmick, and people love a gimmick
Sherry-Lehmann Wines & Spirits - 505 Park Avenue One of the great go-to shops in the city for vintages, spirits and accessories
Croissant-making is like origami -- you measure and fold and tug it into shape.
Cronuts are taking New York by storm and pastry chef Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery and Sous chef Anna McGorman stop by HuffPost Live to discuss the donut-croissant hybrid that people are so obsessed with.
Mike Sacks gets to live the dream and one-bites a cronut.
Cronut creator Chef Dominique Ansel joins Mike and shares the best time of day to go to his store and buy a cronut.
Chef Dominique Ansel joins HuffPost Live to discuss the cronut.
Chef Dominique Ansel joins HuffPost Live and shares the best way to eat a cronut.
If you head over to Dominique Ansel and are too late for the cronuts, do not fear. Almost everything is delicious there, and
You didn't think croissants could get better, did you? They can.
So, what was for lunch? And how does the newest contender for croissant excellence in Manhattan measure up?
The truth is, I am a carb monster. "C stands for cookie. That's good enough for me." But for me, the real C stands for croissant, and until now I just couldn't find the perfect one.
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