Cross country running

The student-runners were killed after a 57-year-old man under the influence of alcohol drove into a crowd, Oklahoma police said.
Being taught respect, honor and working hard in the fields at a young age, were perhaps some of the best times of our lives, because we learned what integrity, and keeping your word meant.
We parked near school and he grabbed his book-bag as I moved over to the drivers seat, and I wished my son well with his audition. Anticipating my concern he replied, "Thanks... and I'll do some LSD after that." Like father, like son, it's been a long strange trip.
Maybe it's because running is so quantifiable, but most runners I know love "magic bullets." We want to improve -- it's why we run in the first place -- and we'll typically try anything (within reason) that might help us run more miles or faster times.
I'm not the fastest kid on the team -- I don't even come close. But I still give everything I have to the sport. I'm only competing with myself. And I'm winning.
Running brings me clarity. Balance. An outlet. Trusted confidantes. A feeling of power. A sense of achievement. Strong legs. Toned arms. I run because being an adult is hard. And being a runner makes it less hard.
But junior varsity runner Josh Ripley did. What he found was one of his opponents, Mark Paulauskas, writhing in pain on the