The first time we sent our children on a trip without us (or any other relative), it was to a weeklong camp near a mountain
“Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous.” - CONFUCIUS Where you were educated (and
There is much discussion on a select few areas in D&I. Primarily, gender diversity, ethnic minorities, unconscious bias, Millennials
There's so much work to be done but I believe we can all get it done if we work together, acknowledge our privileges and use them to fix the system.
He uses the following six-dimensional framework to capture the differences across cultures. With this in mind he developed
Do you have a project with a vision to help make the world a more inclusive and compassionate place for all people, places
Even the best intentions can backfire. As if that weren't frustrating enough, sometimes such negative fallout could easily have been avoided with a working knowledge of cultural intelligence.
Cross-Cultural Awareness: Is it possible for your business calendar and implementation schedule to be impacted by belief
Making change, "doing good" can be magically easy. Today I spin a little tale for you between two countries that illustrates