cross dressing

Zach, a 22-year-old military cop who married a woman, describes looking in the mirror and seeing someone else completely
In 2013, Luana became the youngest person to take advantage of an Argentine law that allows people to identify their own gender for legal purposes.
"What is it to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? I think it's whatever you want."
The challenge for cross-dressers, who are dual-gendered, is to come out of the shadows and to start becoming comfortable with being out. The initial step toward acceptance is to accept themselves first.
My son isn't hurting anyone. For whatever reason, he is choosing to wear frills and frocks on occasion. Yet the assumption is that he will be teased for dressing "like a girl," and that action should be taken to prevent this from happening.
My gang in college was comprised of ten or so guys, all slightly left of conventional. We banded together by striving to be a bit disrespectful (though not so much as to fail classes).
The mask that hides me, a man dressed as a woman who plays a Chicana who believes she is a star, is like the many masks we wear in our daily lives. We wear them for various locations, times and situations: when we are reproaching our children, talking with colleagues, asking our boss for a raise or a favor to our next-door neighbor, making a comment on Facebook....
When you travel, sometimes it's not so much about the place you travel to but the people you meet. And sometimes the people you meet can be a little... out there.
As a woman -- and a feminist -- I find Allen's female reappropriations both provocative and, dare-I-say, hilarious. I realized he had actualized one of my own desires -- bastard! -- just from the male perspective.
If a Somali man is considered feminine he is deemed weak, helpless, pitiful: The underlying message being that femininity is inherently inferior to masculinity. Variants of this thinking extend across most cultures, belief systems, races and sexualities.
In Harvey Fierstein's Tony-nominated play, Casa Valentina, men embody women. Or rather they reveal themselves through women's clothing, mannerisms and identities.
Asked to discuss other issues he’s been speaking out on, Fierstein laughed and quipped, “Anything but Johnny Weir. Leave
So what did he do? He threw on a dress. Ben Kissel - Lawbreaker.mp4 from Adam Wirtz on Vimeo. Watch a video of Kissel's fight
"Through these wonderfully intimate shots -- perhaps never intended to see the light of day outside the sanctum of the 'house
i guess my interest in drag follows logically -- i get so excited by a fierce and spot-on lip sync! what has surprised you
Check out the contrasting opinions in the clip above. "Increasingly more people know the difference and know you don't have
I'm a construct, a creation of a surgeon forcing me away from my birth and designing me so you can feel more comfortable. Your normality and complicity in a bi-sexed system led me to a life of pain and discomfort. I am a curiosity in a world of "normals."