The 41-year-old man will face charges for killing Pamela Nightlinger, 42.
"I thought I could see a cop drop, then I saw muzzle fire."
Right now the crossbow enjoys a steady fanbase of enthusiasts who primarily use it for hunting and sport. (Or to be badass on The Walking Dead.) Here's a brief history of the crossbow in popular culture.
5. The time he explained why you don't mess with Daryl. Image: PandaWhale In honor of Reedus' 46th birthday, here are 11
Moomoo the cat lives after a crossbow went through his head. He's expected to make a full recovery.
The challenge: The smallest possible encapsulated (=safe) crossbow for 20" 2219 crossbow arrows. That's right, arrows, not
Perhaps unsurprisingly, this wasn't the man's first YouTube video to gain attention. Sprave once demonstrated a slingshot
May 11 was an excellent day to be a "Nikita" fan. Not only was the show renewed for a 22-episode third season, its latest installment proved to be yet another gripping hour.
While the GOP-controlled New York state senate keeps delaying a vote on marriage equality, an important civil rights issue
The robbery comes shortly after a man known in the U.K. as the "Crossbow Cannibal" was sentenced to life for murdering prostitutes