"Sometimes you have to listen to your life's calling, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone."
"What is it to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? I think it's whatever you want."
Are we in the TG community attempting to force acceptance through highly scripted and well-staged reality shows that may or may not be representing the majority of the TG community?
I wear dresses to embrace femininity (adjective) but not to re-assign my gender to female (noun). I think that it is absurd to think that there is a rigidity to the identity of CIS and Heterosexual males and females, that for a man to wear a dress or for a woman to wear pants means they are LGBTQ.
If my son is gay, so be it. Maybe he is. Maybe he's not. Maybe he'll be a cross dresser. Maybe not. I have no control over any of it. All I can do is be supportive.
That year, Allen also published the images in a book of the same name. "It did a huge amount of good for the people themselves
"Through these wonderfully intimate shots -- perhaps never intended to see the light of day outside the sanctum of the 'house
Straight people who dress up in the clothing worn by the opposite gender get a sexual charge from the act, while remaining very much heterosexual. We talk to people who enjoy cross-dressing about what it's like and how it affects their relationships.
Imagine you are a man living amid the Paleolithic millennia. If you were seeking great rewards from beyond the mortal realm, would you mutilate yourself, or submit to an order of mutilation, to become as much a woman as would be possible to you?